Full Day Ice Fishing Tour (2+ pp rate)

$282.45 excl. Tax

As low as $269 per person! | One of our most popular trips!

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#*Everything’s provided!*
### Rates
– **Single Guest** – $419
– **Guest (Groups of 2+)** – $269 per person
### Duration
– 8 Hours
### Key Points
– Fishing frozen lakes for rainbow trout, bull trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout
– Ice huts and heaters are brought to help with the chill depending on Ice Conditions and weather
– Fishing through an 8″” hole using bait and lures, jigging
– Dress for subzero temperatures
### About
– Ever pull a 10-pound fish through an 8-inch hole in the ice? This is the ultimate in winter angling.
– Venture out onto a frozen lake and fish for rainbow, cutthroat, bull and brook trout from the comfort of a heated ice hut, or kick it old school and brave the weather sitting on a bucket.
– It’s entirely up to you but dress for sub-freezing temperatures anyhow. Great times for all ages.
### Includes
– Transportation to and from fishing
– Fishing gear, bait and lures
– Ice fishing instruction from professional guide
– Some of the Best Ice Fishing and Scenery in British Columbia, Canada
– Portable Ice huts and heater.
– Guides all have Out-Going Personalities