Winter Day Passes & Lift Tickets

It’s time to hit up the slopes of one of the world’s biggest and best ski resorts, and you can get your tickets here! This year, Whistler Blackcomb has the choice between Day Passes and traditional Lift Tickets. See below for more information and the differences between the two.

For the Late Season of April 18 – May 23, 2022, tickets are only available for skiing/boarding on Blackcomb Mountain. Only 1 and 2 day lift tickets will be available for purchase. 

Whistler Blackcomb DAY PASS

Guests purchasing the Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass in advance of the season will lock in an incredible discount of up to 62% over window lift ticket prices, while customizing their trip by selecting the number of days they plan to ski or ride – from one day to ten days – and whether to add access during peak holiday periods. The discount for Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass increases with each additional day a guest skis or rides. Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass purchasers can use their days throughout the 2021.22 season at Whistler Blackcomb.

Choose between the Restricted and Non-Restricted Pass for greater value vs mountain access on restricted dates. Available for Adults (13+) and Children (7-12). The Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable, and all prices are non-inclusive of GST and in Canadian dollars (CAD).


  • No Restricted Dates – Enjoy the mountain on any day!
  • Choose 1 to 10 total days from as low as CAD$86 per day.
  • Does not need to be used on consecutive days.


  • For those with flexibility to navigate around peak restrictions, guests can realize even greater value with the restricted Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass.
  • Includes Peak Restricted Dates: 11/26/21-11/27/21, 12/26/21-12/31/21, 01/15/22, 02/19/22-02/20/22.
  • Choose 1 to 10 total days from as low as CAD$72.30 per day.

After you’ve completed the purchase online, create or login to your existing account on Visit the “My Account” page and upload a photo. Once the photo has been approved, you will have two options depending on how far in advance you booked;

1. You may receive your Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass in the mail. Passes will be shipped beginning in the summer. Please allow 2-3 weeks after your photo is approved for your new access card to arrive.

2. You may pick up your Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass access card at the any ticket window or Season Pass office at Whistler Blackcomb. Please bring valid photo identification for verification. 


Book your Lift Tickets with us in advance to ensure your time up the mountain is smooth from the moment you get here till the moment you leave. We require bookings to be at least 7 days in advance, and if your plans change, your lift ticket is refundable (terms apply).  

Lift tickets provide flexibility when you can ski or ride. The more days you purchase on your lift ticket, the more flexibility you will have:

       1 day lift ticket: Ski or ride on the selected day

       2 day lift tickets: Ski or ride any 2 days within a 3-day window (starting on the first day of your lift ticket)

       3 day lift tickets: Ski or ride any 3 days within a 5-day window (starting on the first day of your lift ticket)

       4 day lift tickets: Ski or ride any 4 days within a 6-day window (starting on the first day of your lift ticket)

       5 day lift tickets: Ski or ride any 5 days within an 8-day window (starting on the first day of your lift ticket)

If you purchase a 6 or more day lift ticket, you will have a window of 3 additional days in which to use your ticket (i.e. a 6 day ticket can be used over 9 days starting the first day your lift ticket is valid, 7 day ticket can be used over 10 days…14 day ticket can be used over 17 days etc.)

All tickets below are not inclusive of tax, and may be subject to change.

*Rates for April 18- May 23 are for Blackcomb Mountain Only, only 1-2 day tickets are available for purchase.


The Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass is a pass product that provides expanded value and flexibility over lift tickets. With savings of up to 62% as compared to lift tickets for guests purchasing in advance of the season, the Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass also offers flexibility to choose when you ski or ride throughout the season and doesn’t need to be used consecutively, whereas Lift Tickets must be used on specific dates.

However, Day Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable, whereas with Lift Tickets any unused days on your are fully refundable until 5 PM MT on the last day of your ticket.

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