Membership Services & Fees

Rental Managers or owners with multiple properties may be eligible for specialized pricing, based on how many properties being signed up.
Contact Samantha Kiskiras or our Front Desk for further information.

Please note, you must have one of the above memberships to add on the below services.

Website Administration Service

For the owner who does not have time daily to look after their webpage and guest inquiries on owner direct web platforms!


Cost of membership level chosen plus:

  • Annual Fee – $720 (billed at $60 per month) plus 15% of revenue captured
  • Initial set up fee – $100 for initial owner direct website setup (up to 3 websites)
  • Payment processing with a 5% credit card fee on amount processed.

Exclusive Meet & Greet Membership

For the owner who requires on site personal meet and greet service for guests.


Annual Fee – $120 per property
plus $100 per on site guest check in.


  • Pre arrival communication and confirmation with guest regarding check in, directions and activity bookings.
  • On site guest check in; paperwork, obtaining credit card imprint if applicable, key handover.
  • Personal tour of the property including explanation of specific instructions related to the property.
  • Optional staging of house prior to guest arrival. Billed at $30/hr for time spent to shop for set up at the property.

Payment Processing Service

For owners who require regular payments to be processed on their behalf! We can process payment for last minute guests or taxes, fees and purchases added after payment has been processed.


Check pricing below for cc fee % and new transaction fee before finalizing!

Annual Fee – $240 plus 5% credit card fee per transaction, plus $5 transaction fee

Casual Fee – $30 per month (only charged on months where there are payments to collect) plus5% credit card fee per transaction.


Housekeeping Service for Nightly Rentals

Standard pricing for check out clean on nightly rentals:
Studio, 1 bath – $66
1 bed, 1 bath – $85.50
2 bed or 1 bed + loft or den, 1 or 2 bath – $130.50
3 bed bed + den or loft, 1 or 2 bath – $189

4 bed or 3 bed + den or loft – $247.50

Note: All rates are plus laundry costs. Laundry is calculated by weight. CONTACT US for a property inspection and firm quote.

Maintenance Services

For owners that require general maintenance and handyman services:

$55/hr condos
$60/hr homes

Maintenance materials required for repair billed at cost plus 20%

Renovation Management

For the owners that require assistance with planning and management of renovations or updates to their property.

$75/Hour, Materials at Cost Plus 20%

Contact Michel for a consultation and quote

Property Inspection Service for Absentee Owners

For absentee owners who want to ensure their Whistler home is cared for while they are not enjoying it!  Monthly inspections are preventative to detect leaks, electrical issues and pests.  Ensure the security of your property by having an experienced inspector and maintenance technician check it and provide a report of what may be required.


$30/hr minimum 1 hour charge

Additional fee based services

All services are charged at $30 per hour, minimum one-hour call to attend the property. If an external contactor is required, we will coordinate and bill at cost plus 20%

  • Delivery of gift baskets and amenities to property/guest.
  • Property inspections.
  • Meeting contractors at property for required work.
  • Delivery and placement of goods at property for owner.
  • Coordination of specialist contractors (eg locksmith, emergency plumbing)