Seasonal Whistler Homeowner Services

Exclusive Home Care and Inspections

Michel Gendreau is an experienced manager in the construction and project management industry. As a resident of Whistler for the past 40 plus years he has managed many of Whistlers hotels, condominiums and housing projects, including the Westin Resort and Spa, Delta Whistler Village Suites, and Montebello. Michel will personally consult with you and design a specific program to ensure your property is well maintained and secure. Michel is also well known for keeping renovation projects on track and on budget all the while ensuring quality workmanship.

Monthly inspections are preventative to detect leaks, electrical issues and pests.  Ensure the security of your property by having an experienced inspector and maintenance technician check it and provide a report of what may be required.

Owners will receive the following under services:

  • Consultation with the homeowner to develop a personal maintenance scheduled program for your home.
  • Monthly property walk through and inspection, with completed home inspection form of what is inspected and recommendation for any repairs.
  • Receipt of delivered goods for your property at our central location.
  • $1584/year includes one monthly inspection and report, $60hr beyond one hour of time spent on the monthly inspection.

Pre-arrival Services for Owners

Whistler Reception Services can set your home up to your requirements before you arrive:

  • Personal concierge for owner’s property set up, supply and delivery of supplies for your stay.
  • Delivery and placement of goods at the property for owners.
  • $60/hour plus goods at cost plus 20%.

Maintenance & Renovations

In addition to home care and inspection services, we can assist with both general maintenance items and renovations projects of any size:

  • Whistler Maintenance services at $60/hr or cost plus 20% on contracted work.
  • Repair of issues found during inspections.
  • Management of special projects. Cost is $75/hr.
  • Meet and supervise contractors at the property for required work.
  • 24 hour on call for emergencies, after hours rates to attend the home at double time.
  • Consultation to verify scope of work and project management of small or large scale renovations


Whistler housekeeping services can include:

  • Clean home and launder linen on site upon owner departure
  • Touch up “flush and dust” clean for owner arrival includes turning on heat or air conditioning and lights.

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“We are so glad we found your organization back in 2016 to help us navigate through the rentals, renovation projects, permits, monitoring and maintaining the property, etc. over the last 3 ½ + years. It was really a pleasure dealing with all of you at WRS and very special thank you to Michel for all of his work well done in such a proactive fashion over that period."

Bruno Richard
Black Whistle